CFT srl – Company

CFT undertakes hot moulding operations within its own premises in Corio Canavese, where its covered area of more than 5000sqm, is equipped with screw and hydraulic presses. All of the work that is carried in full compliance with both quality and environmental requirements includes the entire production process, from the storage of raw materials to the moulded product.
The company has a fully-equipped mechanical workshop for the construction of moulds, as well as areas for the heat treating of the same. This allows CFT to use all of its in-house expertise, ensuring the utmost levels of flexibility in terms of the number of products and speed of operation.

We have five moulding, each with different capacities, suitable for use in the manufacture of a wide variety of products. Each line is equipped with hydraulic presses for the pre-shaping, as well as screw equalising bars. The overall power employed varies from 600 to 5000 tonnes.

Molding Departments

First Departments

In the CFT historic plant, 4 molding lines from 600 to 2500 tons are installed, suitable for forming products from 0.5 to 50 kg.
On the lines we find induction ovens from 400 to 1200 Kw and two of them are enslaved with anthropomorphic robots.
In the same factory there is the tooling department for the construction of the molds for all the lines and the warehouse for storing the equipment.

New Departments 4.0

In the new “Industry 4.0” plant there is a highly automated molding plant with two screw presses with a power of 2800 and 5000 tons, enslaved by anthropomorphic robots and powered by an induction furnace of 1600 kW for partial or total heating of the billet .
All the molding lines are controlled remotely and in real time in order to constantly monitor the production process.

Others Departments




Raw Material