The hot forging activity is carried out inside our factories with total respect for both quality and the environment, through the use of molding lines made up of screw presses and hydraulic presses.
Our range of products ranges from 0.5 kg to 200 kg with a maximum bar diameter of 180 mm, the molds are made directly within our internal mechanical department.
In this way, the quality of the molds is in line with the customer’s expectations also with regard to the significantly reduced delivery times.

Tutte le linee sono atte alla ricalcatura ed elettroricalcatura tramite presse idrauliche e meccaniche, i forni sono concepiti per il riscaldo sia parziale che totale della barra.

5 molding lines from 600 to 5000 tons

CFT Upsetting has five molding lines equipped with screw rockers and hydraulic presses, each of which is equipped with induction furnaces for heating the piece that will be processed