Welcome to CFT Ricalcatura S.r.l.

We are based in Corio Canavese in the province of Turin and on this website you’ll find a short presentation of our hot steel moulding operations.

Hot Steel Uspetting

CFT deals with molding, upsetting and electro-upsetting of hot steel, the company has molding lines enslaved with hydraulic and screw presses, the molds are made within the mechanical department of the company.


The company is able to cope with small and large series of parts made specifically for customers. The high flexibility of the staff and infrastructure allow CFT to maintain a high quality standard and a very short delivery time.



Shafts with large flanges, shank diameters ranging from 25mm to 180mm and resulting flanges from Ø40 to over 410mm.
Maximum printable length 1100 mm.

Central Electro-Moulding

With starting shank from Ø30 up to Ø180 mm, with flange sizes up to Ø400 mm.
Maximum printable length 1100 mm.


Moulded with an initial shank diameter of less than 25mm up to 180mm, with the resultant item from Ø40 to over 400mm.
Maximum printable length 1100 mm.

Axle Shafts

We manufacture axle shafts for use in the automotive and other sectors; sizes range from Ø30 to over 180mm, with lengths in excess of 1100mm.

Direct Coupling

Gear shaft type, with starting shank from Ø30 up to Ø180 mm, with flange of size from Ø40 up to Ø410 mm.
Maximum printable length 1100 mm.

Special Shaft

In different materials and resistances for a variety of different uses, including the automotive, energy and farming sectors.

Industria 4.0

CFT has implemented monitoring and control systems for all processes so that it can keep track of all operations in production. Data collection allows the company to optimize production processes and have real-time control of all production.
CFT introduces the control processes becoming “Industria 4.0” since January 2018, synonymous with innovation and orientation towards continuous improvement.